Some of the most influential people in the mortgage industry are builders, and eCU Mortgage will bend over backwards to deliver outstanding service that is open, honest and fast.

Reputation is everything.

With this trusted relationship, advice and information flows in the interest of moving the home buying process toward a successful outcome. Questions are asked, experience is gained, caution is given, and trust is established. Throughout your client’s home buying journey, a team of experts and facilitators will be there. We think both you and your client will refer others to us after your experience.

eCU Mortgage was created after observing the treatment of clients by the rest of the mortgage industry. We think every client should be served with outstanding service–every client, every time.

Additional Perks


Many clients are looking to find a new home and we would love to refer them to a preferred builder.

A Great Line of Products

Rest assured that your client will have access to a variety of mortgage products. We help choose what is best for them, not us. And we are pretty proud of our rates, too.

Fast Closings

No one wants to wait on their mortgage lender for anything. We are proud of the speed in which we can get your client to the closing table.

Access to Mortgage Experts

Our staff will help you with any mortgage question you or your clients might have along the way.

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