You already know that when a member gets a home loan at their credit union, they tend to stay longer and obtain more products and services. You need a partner to make sure the origination servicing of that mortgage goes well for you and there is not a decline in service levels once they reach your mortgage partner.

eCU Mortgage is unlike other programs that churn through your mortgage referrals and only focus on the larger loan members. We think every member should be served with outstanding service-ever member, every time.

Additional Perks


We offer educational classes to your staff, giving them the knowledge and confidence to enhance your mortgage initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance

Partnering with eCU Mortgage allows you to deliver complete, timely, consistent and accurate loan disclosures to your members as well as navigating through the many other compliance headaches.

Local Loan Servicing

You can transfer loans that you currently have serviced elsewhere to eCU Mortgage or we can start a new servicing portfolio for you.

Branding Consistency

Keeping your brand is important to the member experience. We can imbed a mortgage application into YOUR website and make it seamless for your members. If we service your mortgage, we can also have YOUR logo on the payment coupons.

Member Loyalty

Members will experience lower costs, better service, and a closer relationship with your institution.

Additional Mortgage Production

Our collaborative approach helps you increase market share for mortgages and other financial services among your membership.

Access to Mortgage Experts

Our staff will help you with any mortgage question you or your members might have.

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