You know the funds you need come from a loving place when you use the value of your home to secure a home equity loan. Put that cash right back into your pocket to handle renovations, a vacation, a new deck in the back yard, or maybe even new granite countertops.

How you spend is up to you! It’s your home, your money and your decision.

There are many advantages to choosing eCU Mortgage for your home lending needs:

Home Equity Loan Essentials

  • Competitively low, fixed interest rates, as low as *3.99% APR
  • Use the value of your home to secure funds
  • Funds available for practically any purpose, including: home improvement, debt elimination, tuition payments and more!
  • Choose a 5 to 20 year term
  • No annual fees
  • Local home equity loan decisions
  • Trusted personal service


*All APR and financing options are based on your creditworthiness, occupancy and property loan-to-value. Please call us for your qualifying rate.
Example of payment calc: Loan amount =$20,000 at 3.99% int. rate for 60 months = payments of $368.24
eCU Mortgage pays the closing costs (excluding appraisal cost) on Home Improvement or Home Equity Loans (second lien position).
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