“This organization is smart enough to understand the value of quality customer service. They deliver!”  –Tim M.

“Starting in January of this year, I began the process of refinancing my home.  There were many hurdles to overcome in this process and I needed a great amount of support from many members of your mortgage lending team.  eCU Mortgage literally bent over backwards in an effort to support me, and educate me in every aspect of doing what was best for my family.  I am excited to say I have been a homeowner now for almost three months, and I owe this to the overwhelming effort eCU Mortgage showed in helping me remain in my home.  I would  recommend eCU Mortgage as a lender to anyone looking to finance a home.  Thank you for your awesome lending team.”  –Amy C.

“Your employees exceed my expectation and I love that!” –Holly T.

“Your efforts were above and beyond anything I have EVER experienced in any loan process.” –Darrin F.

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